Poor genital health seems to have become a major and worsening epidemic round the world. European men as much as 40% of 40-year-old men and 50% of 50-year old men suffer from occasional or chronic erectile dysfunctions. Modern trousers are usually too tight and dense, and become much tighter when you sit down. Clothing designers have not been paying attention to the needs of male anatomy and physiology. The penis and testicles have obviously designed to be free, cool, hanging and moving with the rhythm of the walking or thigh movements. This is clearly important to the health.
It is same problems goes to United States, 17% of men over age 60 in the experience some form of urinary incontinence. One of the main causes of urinary incontinence in men is benign or malignant prostate diseases. Prostate overgrowth (almost all have it at 60 years of age) and prostate cancer (every sixth man gets it) strike fear into the middle-aged men.


There is a variety of protective products available to manage male incontinence and erectile dysfunctions, including adult protective brief underwear,┬ábooster pads, and various kinds of guards for men. Finding the right product for you depends on your degree of control, the frequency and volume of your urinary incidents, and the comfort level you’re seeking.