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About Us

We experienced our loved one suffer from men problems. As his age grow older he always complaint wake up frequently at night for urination, but standing in front of the toilet bowl, he facing urination leakage problems. Day after day, treatment after treatment, doctor can only point to aging is the cause. At last our loved one discovered a prostate illness, make an operation and yet suffering.

With all these process through, we start looking for a natural source to prevent of all these. Yet this source must not be very complicated and easy to prepare and used, that is our aim. One day on our friend hang out, we be introduced to a scientist who working as a researcher for men underwear, a kind of magnetic underwear. We are so excited and this meeting brings hope and there is where we begin.

Started with a few of us in Malaysia, the product speak by himself. Through the patented technologies from UK, manufacturing in China, our products start selling to worldwide. Well, some clients asked, why is China? I only can quote, even iPhone is manufacturing in China. Please pay attention that all Vincepants product will be only sell online and shipped directly from Malaysia.


  • Happy Patients 99%
  • Cured Cases 80%
  • Returning Customers 80%

Client like our products with positive feedbacks. As our brand and product growing rapidly, we found many similar products in market. However, we are strongly believed “Only best product get imitates” and “Best brand always get copy of brand”. We educate our client how to identify the fake and original magnetic underwear in reviews and we sincerely hope client always go for the right choice.

With the uniqueness of what Vincepants designed for, we hope the magnetic underwear era will come and turn the fashion industry into a health concerned fashion trend. We hope this magnetic pant helps those facing “untellable” men problems. Those who hard to get pregnant (weak sperm), facing erectile dysfunction, prostate problems, small penis (no confidence), short sex time (unsatisfied partner), hygiene problems (inflammation and heat), etc. We sincerely hope you purchase Vincepants just because you are healthy now and you want to start your prevention today. We hope every man live happily and healthy forever.