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Prostate Enlargement

Prostate enlargement or BPH is typically a benign process during which the prostate increases in size. This enlargement usually begins in late adulthood, during the fifth decade of life. While doctors are not sure exactly what causes prostate enlargement, it is thought that perhaps the hormonal fluctuations that occur with age may be the cause.

Changes in the ratio of male testosterone and female estrogen levels in the man’s body are thought to possibly be the cause of BPH. There is another theory that the prostate gland simply becomes more sensitive to the effects of normal levels of male hormone at later ages, and thus grows more rapidly.

Statistic about Prostate Enlargement

It is thought that men over 45 can start to develop the symptoms of Prostate enlargement and this can be extremely aggravated in men over 70.

World statistic:
– A man’s chances of having BPH go up with the age 31-40, 1 in every 12;
– By reaching age 51-60: about 1 in two;
– However over age 80, it is more than 8 in every 10 men.
Statistic shown men
diagnosed with prostate cancer, become the second leading cause of cancer-related death in men in the United States, in year 2012.


Prevention is better than cure

Ways and research solutions to implement prostate enlargement care to protect prostate gland from inflammation, enlargement, and cancer.

which include:
– Get your prostate checked yearly after age 40
– Eat right because studies show that people who eat a high-fat diet have a greater risk of developing Prostate enlargement.
– Fiber. Soy protein, fruits, and cooked tomatoes have all been shown to reduce risk
– Watch your weight because obesity may be a contributing factor to a number of cancers, including prostate, staying active not only keeps weight in check, but also releases endorphins that helps your mood improves and relieves stress.
– If you do smoke, work toward quitting, limit alcohol and caffeine, Drink plenty of water as it will help flush out your bladder.
– Urine should be almost clear, have regular sex is the best way to empty the prostate is to ejaculate preventing Prostate enlargement.

How Vincepant able to help

Magnetic pain relief is making its presence felt across the world, especially in the form of various kinds of magnetic overlays like the magnetic underwear.

Today, the range of such magnetic pain relief items is vast, with items that easily fit across various parts of your body. Men especially seem to find this magnetic underwear especially useful since they help provide relief from prostate enlargement. Start prevention today by just changing your underwear.