Frequently Asked Questions

Will it Be effect after used? (Is there any side effect?)

Any side effect?  There are no reports of side effects for any magnetic therapy products so far. As well as this magnetic underwear. However, many reports on quick results and satisfy after using. Some aged customer’s feedback that smooth in urine flow and reduce night time urination symptoms. Working adults feedback on reduce waist or pack pain and good sleep after used.

I am concern about qualities (Is it fake or original?)

How to differentiate the real and fake magnetic underwear? All our products are protected with UK patent technology. Pants are made using Organic Modal Fibers, which is cellulose fiber from beech trees. It was natural, pure, and organic with fantastic soft feel of fabric. It provide a ‘brief’ underwear effects and enhance heat relief of your body. High quality magnetic rock with strong magnetic forces as shown on our video helps you to understand more.

How does it prove the results? (How long can I see the result?)

From the feedback of most clients noticed a significant results by 3 or 4 weeks after used. They found reducing the night time urination problems and reduce back pain. Research found that majority of middle age group have effect of relaxing the targeted muscles by 6 weeks and stay longer in bed. However, it was various by different lifestyle and age group.

I am concern about the products origin. (Made in Which country?)

Regularly inspection to the manufacturer is a must to protect and maintain high quality of the products. In order to reduce cost of production, we are outsource to China, stuff eg. Prada, Apple, Lego etc, too.

How do I placed my order?

As easy as ABC. Just fill up the enquiries form and submit to our sales centre. Our professional sales staff will attend to your through email. An invoice will raise via Paypal and after payment made, goods will delivered with tracking number provided. Its take about 7-14 days for your pants to delivered to your doorstep worldwide. Buy

How many pants should I purchase?

Daily used for perfect results is encouraged. Some purchased a pants for each day of the week and some only brought a minimum of 3 pieces. It is very much depends on your budget. Daily wash of the pants is needed for personal hygiene purposes, therefore 3-4 pants are suggested, at least.

Should I wear it daily?

Take a looks on your own needs. We are facing stress daily and the magnetic force is reducing. Since we are wearing underwear daily, why not change the underwear with magnetic force and give you the best result? The magnetic underwear helps enhance and prevents man’s problems.

What is the products’ lifespan? (How long can the pants last?)

To provide a safe, high quality of products is always the company focus. Vince pants come with quality fabric which is Organic Modal Fiber gives you the soft feel. Quality magnetic rock to be insert in for best results. Take good care of the pants for maximum products lifespan. Always remember hand wash only, do not bleach, do not use washing machine, do not use dryer, do not ironing, do not under hot sun exposure.

Why must I try this magnetic underwear/pants?

Well, you have a choice. With the proven track result of 100% safe and no side effect of daily used, 65% middle age group claims they boost up harder and stay longer in bed. 85% aging group claims without medicine and operation, there is an improvement of prostate problems and effective treatment for urinary incontinence symptom. There are 7 reason why you must try.