Vincepants, the original Magnetic Underwear official website. Please carefully identify, before purchase. Vincepants are specially designed to promote blood circulation to improve erections and relieve back pain.

Vincepants healthy underwear is also known as ” intelligent underpants “. Thirty-five researchers from the UK, USA, Japan, France, and Germany discovered that magnetic field therapy on underwear and gourmet improves human health. The use of magnetic therapy is even during the time of Cleopatra.

The Magnetic therapy is an alternative natural medical practice that іnvоlvеѕ thе uѕе оf static magnetic fields. It is applying electromagnetic devices or permanent static magnets to the body for health benefits such as magnetic underwear. There are general and specific reasons for using magnetic therapy. Some people wish to have more energy and increased vitality, while others may use it to heal wounds.

Back Pain Relief

If you are a person who suffers from constant back pain, it may be a symptom of your body by telling you about the poor blood circulation. Thousands of people suffer from back and lower waist pain every day because of their job nature—long time sitting in front of their working desk, less exercise, etc.

Promote Blood Circulation

The researcher team further tested on magnetic underwear and proved to improved erections in most men with impotence with the discoveries. 

The magnet in front of the underwear helps to promote blood circulation. The arteries in the penis dilate, and the blood can flow into your penis more fluently, resulting in significant improvement in erectile function.

The magnets help to produces a magnetic force that acts as an anti-inflammatory, eliminates prostate illness, and rapidly kills bacteria and infections. 

The researcher team makes some further enhancements to their invention. They inserted magnets at the back of the underwear for back pain relief without side effects naturally. 

The Material

The super-soft material, the unique magnets, and tourmalines spot designed on the Vincepants Underwear give a perfect feeling. It is a comfort to wear all day long—the Modal material made of cotton and antibacterial fiber (mixed with MACA and charcoal fiber) makes the underwear thinner and more breathable feel.

It cares about your prostate and testicle for 24 hours to protect the health of men’s “Golden Triangle”. It is antibacterial, anti-static, breathable, and eco-friendly. Safe, easy to use, and can be used daily. BUY

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