Traditionally, men wore the same type of underwear their fathers wore, and as a habit, they suit up the same model of underwear throughout their entire lives.
According to The Ultimate Underwear survey, 57% of men prefer briefs, 18% prefer tight boxers, and 29% prefer roomy boxers. This survey clearly indicates that a large majority of men don’t follow fashion trends and prefer to stick to what they know.
Men’s underwear comes in many styles and materials to suit various occasions. Loose styles offer comfort for lounging, form-fitting designs provide support, and sexy cuts are preferred for intimate encounters. Underwear is essential for hygiene, and some styles offer additional support for controlling the body’s shape. Social situations, weather conditions, and the type of apparel can affect which style of undergarment men wear. Shopping does not come easy for all men, so here are the dos and don’ts of buying and wearing┬ámen’s underwear.

Dos of Men’s Underwear

Buying men’s underwear takes a little know-how when it comes to appropriate dress and ideal materials for certain situations. The concealed garments underneath clothing are just as important as outerwear in terms of function, style, and comfort.

Do Wear Well-Fitting Underwear

Underwear should be comfortable while providing optimal support for any activity. Men’s sizes are based on waist circumference and usually correspond with pant measurements. Some men believe that wearing underwear in a size too small will emphasize their front, but this effect only causes discomfort.
Underwear that is restricting can raise the body temperature, causing excessive sweating that leads to stains. Increasing the temperature in the groin area over extended periods of time may also cause health and fertility problems. Elastics that are too tight around the waist or legs can cause irritation and rashes.
On the other hand, wearing underwear that is too big can cause discomfort and unsightly wrinkles to show in the outer clothing. The underwear may bunch up in certain areas and distort the body’s form through the pants or shorts. The following chart displays men’s underwear sizes and their corresponding waist circumferences.